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Mitt-A-Long: Q&A time

Today is when we address the little confusing bits. While I try not to have these in a pattern I write, invariably you may not understand what I meant by a particular description or abbreviation. It doesn't mean anyone is to blame for this, we all see the world differently and have different knowledge. That's why I encourage you to get in touch and ask if something stops you knitting or enjoying the process. I want my patterns to delight you not frustrate you.

One of the first questions I want to look at have to do with the marker before the Crossed Stitches on the Spice Mitts.

Why move the marker?

The Crossed Stitches act a bit like a plough through the Stocking Stitches. So if you have a marker marking a side seam it can be super tricky to keep track of the marker as it moves through the Crossed Stitches. To alleviate this issue the side seam marker is always a stitch to the right of the Crossed Stitches, ie. it spirals rather than stays stationery up the Mitt.

I don't understand how to move the marker, can I see a video please?

Yes check our my instagram video here

Once I've got the hang of where the marker should be, can I work without a marker?

Yes, you can just remember that the marker is to the right of the Crossed Stitches and use the Crossed Stitches as a guide rather than a marker.

One thing that no one actually asked but I found tricky was working the Crossed Stitches on DPNs when the Crossed Stitches moved between needles. I came up with a solution for this where I worked one round where I transferred 3 stitches at the end of each needle onto the working needle every few rounds. Its easiest to show you what I mean by that so check out the video below.

Now for the exciting bit, we have a giveaway.

To be in to win:

1 - Say hi on the ravelry forum,

2 - with a link to your Mitt project on Ravelry

3 - also link to your Mitt project on Loveknitting.

4 - Then tell us your instagram name and follow our feeds @sarahshepherdmakes & @thewoolkitchen

You don't need to have finished a pair of Mitts, just casting on is sufficient to enter, so what are you waiting for? Share your Mitts!

Three lucky winners will get a gorgeous skein of The Wool Kitchen yarn along with 2 sheets of metallic foil. Next week I'll show you how to use these foil sheets.

The draw will be on the 1st of November 2017, so make sure you share your knits before then and leave a message on the forum. The draw was originally planned for next week but I decided to give you an extra week to get ready.

Instead next week is adding sparkle week, so be sure to check in again on Wednesday for more info.

Thanks for all your posts about Vanilla & Spice Mitts on instagram, #vanillaspicemittalong and on Ravelry in our Mitt-A-Long forum, loving your work.

Click here to go to my pattern page so you can buy the yarn, needles and pattern, if you haven't cast on already!

The samples in this blog post are knit with West Yorkshire Spinners BFL DK Solids, Sage Green, click this link to buy some.

#VanillaSpiceMitts #MittALong

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