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Mitt-A-Long: Crossed Stitches

If you haven't already tried the Spice version of my Vanilla & Spice Mitts pattern, I'm hoping this post will give you the confidence to give it a go.

Crossed Stitches are the only difference between the Vanilla and the Spiced Mitt patterns. Its actually a 1 over 1 cable stitch. If cabling is new to you, then its a great stitch to start out with. It doesn't require a cable needle and once you get the hang of its quite straightforward.

1/1RC or 1 over 1 Right Crossed Stitch is where the first stitch goes behind the second stitch to create a right slanting stitch. It is worked by knitting two stitches together but leaving these stitches on the left needle, then knit into the first stitch before slipping both stitches off the left needle.

Spiced Mitts only use the 1/1RC or 1 over 1 Right Crossed Stitch. I purposefully made the left and right hand Mitts the same to ensure a more succinct pattern and I also liked that they weren't matchy-matchy. But someone has asked me how to knit a 1/1LC or 1 over 1 Left Crossed Stitch so I thought I'd post a video about this too, in case you would prefer mirror Mitts.

1/1LC are worked by knitting into the back of the second stitch leaving it on the left needle, then knit into the front of the first stitch and slip both stitches off the left needle.

Next weeks post will have some videos about slipping the marker at the start of the Crossed Stitches (I've already posted this one on instagram), plus some tips on working Crossed Stitches on Double Pointed Needles, so check in again this time next week.

Thanks for all your posts about Vanilla & Spice Mitts on instagram, #vanillaspicemittalong and on Ravelry in our Mitt-A-Long forum, its great to see your fabulous work.

Click here to go to my pattern page so you can buy the yarn, needles and pattern, if you haven't cast on already!

The samples in this blog post are knit with West Yorkshire Spinners DK solids, Sage Green and Coral Colourways, click this link to buy them.

#VanillaSpiceMitts #MittALong

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