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Mitt-A-Long: YOUR pattern

So here we are at the second part of our preparation for this Wednesday's Mitt-A-Long Cast On.

This is when I talk about YOUR pattern. What size should you choose?

First up is Gauge. Don't under estimate the power of a bit of swatching. If it feels like a Hand-Brake for the speeding car that is your enthusiasm, I have a lovely bit of news.

Cast on a Vanilla Mitt and knit until the thumb, Bind Off but don't cut the yarn.

Soak the sample, air dry, and measure it's width and double it to get the circumference (W).

Gauge Sts per inch or cm = Stitches Cast On ÷ W

Next, multiply by 10 cm / 4 " to get gauge per 10 cm / 4 ".

Once you have this, undo the Bind Off, and finish your Mitt. You now have a wearable gauge swatch.

If your Gauge doesn't match the pattern's Gauge, change needles and try again, you want to get this right. Too few stitches go for smaller needles, too many stitches go for a large needle.

The pattern uses your Knuckle Circumference as an indicator of size:

This doesn't include your thumb and is the circumference around the base of your fingers (Call this A).

Add and subtract 2.0 cm / 5 " ease to this measurement (A).

A - 2.0 cm = -B

A + 2.0 cm = B

Now check out the schematic in the pattern, and look for hand circumference.

-B < Hand circumference < B

knuckle circumference less ease < Hand circumference < knuckle circumference plus ease.


Lets say your knuckle circumference measures 21 cm

Vanilla Yarn A: 19 cm < 3rd or 4th size hand circumference 19.5 or 22.5 cm < 23 cm.

Spice Yarn A: 19 cm < 4th or 5th size hand circumference 21 or 22.5 cm < 23 cm.

In both cases you get to choose, do I want it snug fitting or with a bit room to move?

I would go for 4th size for the Vanilla Mitts because that would give more room for the thumb.

I would also choose the 4th size for Spice Mitts as it actually matches the Knuckle Measurement, and the Crossed Sts give a bit more space for the thumb anyway.

But hang on ... what is your Gauge? Have you got the same Gauge as the pattern? All this is meaningless if you are knitting with a different Gauge.

Click here to go to my pattern page so you can buy the yarn, needles and pattern, ready for Cast On this Wednesday 27 October 2017.

#VanillaSpiceMitts #MittALong

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