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Mitt-A-Long: Hello pattern

Welcome to the first part of our preparation for next Wednesday's Mitt-A-Long Cast On.

Let me introduce you to the pattern. There's quite a lot on offer in this simple little pattern. Two recommended yarns are suggested plus there are two patterns included as well.

So to start, let's explain the yarn choice:

I wanted to give beginners the opportunity to venture forth on a more budget friendly yarn. West Yorkshire Spinner's Blue Faced Leicester DK Solids yarn is low in price but in terms of quality it's fabulous. I've used their yarns for a few years now and I'm really happy with how they wear, plus they are soft, luscious and knit up beautifully.

The Wool Kitchen's DK yarn has that same quality, but it delivers some serious delight to the knitter and wearer, with gorgeous colourways on offer. This yarn is perfect for the Spice version of this pattern especially.

Which brings me to the two patterns, Vanilla and Spice: Vanilla Mitts have only Stocking Stitch. The roll hem top and bottom means there isn't a Purl Stitch in sight. Perfect for all the Purl phobic people out there. The thumb is created by simply knitting some waste yarn into the main hand of the mitt. Once you have completed this part, you remove the waste yarn and pick up all the stitches around the hole. Easy.

Spice Mitts have the same basic construction as the Vanilla Mitts but every round you have a group of Right Crossed Stitches (1/1RC). These stitches create a spiral around the hand. The fun thing about these is that they use up the yarn more than the Stocking Stitches do, so you get some interesting pooling of colours happening.

NOTE: I sampled these in the 3rd size and the colour pooling that this size creates will be different to that of the other sizes.

Click here to go to my pattern page so you can buy the yarn, needles and pattern, ready for Cast On next Wednesday 27 October 2017.

#VanillaSpiceMitts #MittALong

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